About Us

Delivers digital transformation and technology services from concept to execution, enabling global clients, Indian organisations to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Mindnew takes an agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions across the digital value chain. At the same time, our deep expertise in infrastructure and applications management helps optimize your IT into a strategic asset. Whether you need to differentiate your company, reinvent business functions or accelerate revenue growth. We will be a right partner in providing software services.


To provide innovative, simple solutions to your complex needs that enables our clients to win in ever changing world of work.


Constantly evolving oneself, Innovation at work is the key to success. We constantly need to keep changing to meet the dynamic needs of the customer in this ever changing world of work. Customer focus, Quality delivery and speed of execution, help customers to transform their businesses.


We understand, knowledge is the key to success, we actively pursue in development and adoption of best practices worldwide to suit local needs. We share knowledge, expertise, our resources to clients and understand their needs and are best equipped to respond to provide customized solutions. We actively listen and act upon this information to improve our relationships, solutions and services.


People and Customer first, we care about the people and customer and the role of work in their lives. We respect people, empower them to delegate their duties to achieve their goals in work and in life. We build careers through planning, training and mentoring. We respect and recognize everyone role in our success story – our employees, our customers, our candidates. We encourage and boost performance and rightly reward them. We take care of our employees they take care of the customer and business!




Mindnew Consulting looking forward for a long term business relationship.

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